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Prof. Young-Kee Kim visits Centro Fermi

On August 29th Prof. Young-Kee Kim, Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of the Physics Department of the University of Chicago, visited Centro Fermi to discuss and define future possible joint projects. In particular common interests in exchanging information, documents and material were discussed, concerning the scientific achievements and the life of Enrico Fermi, the Italian Nobel laureate who spent a long part of his research activity in the United States at the University of Chicago. The visit included a tour in the old Institute of Physics of via Panisperna (and a stop by the historical fountain !) where Enrico Fermi performed his studies on neutron-induced radioactivity, discovering that slowing down the neutrons enormously enhanced their ability to induce radioactivity. The old Institute is where soon the Headquarters of Centro Fermi and the Museum dedicated to Enrico Fermi will be located.

Caption: Young-Kee Kim and Luisa Cifarelli in the garden of the old Institute of via Panisperna, future Headquarters of Centro Fermi.


Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi

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