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Individual Projects

Individual Projects

The The "Flyinglow" Project aims to study in vivo the effect of low level radioactivity on organism using the Drosophila melanogaster.

The "Gravitational and Complex Structures" Project analyses many astrophysical linked systems, with states of dynamic equilibrium in non-spherical symmetry, to understand if they can be dynamically generated as a result of gravity.

The "Open Quantum Mechanics Issues" Project compares models to describe the collapse of the wave function and the possible experimentally verifiable effects.

The Project of Fundamental Physics in Space uses the orbital analysis of LARES, LAGEOS and LAGEOS II satellites to accurately measure the effect of "frame-dragging".

The Project of History of Physics, after a study of the birth of the Institute of Physics in Rome, extends now its research fields to the following topics

i) Project of "Italian Electrification and Lighting between the nineteenth and twentieth century"

ii) Project of "Italian Physicists between Scientific Research and Civil Commitment: from the Congress of Vienna to the Advent of the Republic"

iii) Project of "Italian Physics Prosopography" 

Individual Projects

In addition to the projects listed above there are individual theoretical projects on fundamental physics:

  • Statistical Mechanics, Field Theory and Supercomputing
  • Black Holes and Supersimmetry
  • Quantum Gravity: from Black Holes to Quantum Entanglement
  • A Geometrical Approach to Quantum Gravity
  • Hawking Radiation
  • Modeling of gravitational waves emission by Coalescent Binary Systems 
  • Stellar Collapses
  • Cosmological Radiative Transfer in Early Structures

Three-year Activities Plan

The Interdisciplinary projects of Centro Fermi are set out in detail in the Three-year Activities Plan (Italian only)



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