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Contact us - how to reach us

Centro Fermi

Museo Storico della Fisica e

Centro Studi e Ricerche "Enrico Fermi"

Piazza del Viminale 1 - Roma - 00184 - Italy

tel.: +39 06 4550 2901

How to reach us

From Fiumicino airport you can take the “Leonardo” train to get to Termini Station. Centro Fermi is about 10 min walk from Termini Station, inside the Italian Ministero dell’Interno (see map1).

At the main entrance of the Ministero dell’Interno in Piazza del Viminale, n° 1 – 00184 – Roma you should leave your documents and get a badge at the “Ufficio Passi”: you should specify you are guests of the Centro Fermi and they will check with the list of guests. Luggage control will be required.

Centro Fermi is at the “Palazzina F - Lato Ragioneria”, located inside the “Compendio del Viminale” (see map2). If your need help, when you are at the “Ufficio Passi”, you should call the secretariat and someone will pick up you.

Piazza del Viminale 1 - Entry  from Italian  Ministero dell'Interno (map 1)

Centro Fermi Headquarter (map 2) 


Enrico Fermi Historical Museum of Physics and Study and Research Centre

Piazza del Viminale 1 
00184 Roma (Italy)



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